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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S2079561 A College in the Wattles
Reg Butler 
2 S3342902 Ann Anderson
3 S5618537 Archives Office of Tasmania
4 S2119751 Australian Cemetries War Graves
5 S1182149 Barb O`Neil
Barb O`Neil 
6 S3355877 Barbara Randell
Barbara Randell 
7 S139251 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
8 S441162 Daw Family Tree
Anne and Gil Daw 
9 S3289557 Descendants of Thomas Partridge
10 S1056611 Edwardian Index Victoria
11 S1084910 England Census
12 S3419632 General Register Office UK
13 S1633437 Geoff Turner
14 S3512551 Gould Genealogy & History
Alan Phillips 
15 S4746922 Grundy family tree
Ken Grundy 
16 S135649 Hancornes of Wales
Ros Dunnico 
17 S4759279 Helen & Neville Wilson
18 S483031 Isabel Sloman
Isabel Sloman 
19 S3314791 Jeanne Packham
20 S351343 John Hancorne
John Hancorne 
21 S347757 Kaye`s family
22 S147055 Kew Cemetery
23 S757741 Letter from Duncan Waite
Duncan Waite 
24 S646053 Letter from Jackie Waite
Jackie Waite 
25 S4076010 National Archives of Australia
26 S347780 Netting WA
27 S5125929 NSW BD&M
28 S3892524 Peak Family Tree
Trevor Peak 
29 S3227217 Randell Family Bulletin
30 S211341 SA BDM
31 S193367 SA Government Gazette
32 S1075202 SA Shipping Lists
33 S136115 SAG&HS
34 S1289069 The Bradtke Family Story 1845-2000
35 S4803403 The Smart Heritage
Neil Nicolson (ed) 
36 S142781 Thomas How James
37 S345346 Thomas Partridge descendents
William Partridge 
38 S3707355 Tim Sutherland
39 S139129 Upper Sturt Methodist Cemetery
40 S5781657 WJC (Bill Cameron) Collection, Bourke Library
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